A Celebration of Strong Women

Each International Women’s Day the world comes together to celebrate the achievements and lives of women. At DC Doulas, we believe every day is an opportunity to lift up and thank women for all that they do. We are grateful for all the strong women in our lives: our mothers, our clients, our sisters, our co-workers, our daughters, our close friends, our heroes, all those who came before us, and all those who who will come after.


Being a woman in this world requires strength.

Strength comes in all forms. We don’t mean physical strength, but the strength that comes from within. It comes from vulnerability, stems from love, is rooted in passion and persistence, and reveals itself to us when we least expect it.

Strength comes in the small moments and the pivotal ones.  Give yourself the space to feel vulnerable, to make the tough decisions, and practice grace under pressure. Whether it’s making a tough decision at work, supporting a friend in a time of need, or delivering your child, remember that you have what it takes.


Be the woman you wish you had as a role model.

There is no right or wrong way to be a woman. It often feels like we are being pulled in so many different directions. We are told that women must be a certain way, behave a certain way, or look a certain way. But there is no greater way to be a woman than being true to who you are.

Take a moment to think about all the women in your life who have helped shape you. What lessons have they taught you? What characteristics do you hope to embody?

By drawing on the lessons from your role models and living your own truth, you become the very best version of yourself that you can be.


These are lessons you can teach your children.

Becoming a parent hands us a great responsibility to help shape not only our children’s minds, but they way they will move about the world.

Tell them stories of the great women in your life and how they influenced you. Fill their shelves with picture books that celebrate diversity and tell of the great achievements of women throughout history and across the world.

Whether you are raising your daughter to be her own strong woman, or teaching your son to treat them with respect, not only are you sharing your perspective on the world as a mother, but as a woman.



From all of us at DC Doulas, we aim to lift up the women who inspire us day after day. Thank you for your strength, thank you for your wisdom, thank you for being so uniquely you.


Written by: Hancie Stokes

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