Are You Practicing Self Care?

The time has finally arrived.

Baby is home and you are getting to know your new little person.

You are soaking up the praise and adoration of creating the sweetest baby there ever was.

The whole family is bonding.

Your body is healing and recovering.

Family and friends drop in and out with well intentioned suggestions and opinions.

Sleep deprivation is starting to creep in.


The sweetest baby there ever was is sleeping, crying, eating, and pooping in a cycle so fierce, you are left feeling dizzy.


How do you practice self care?


Self care is the intentional act of tending to your holistic health and is one of the most important elements of a positive postpartum period.

Hiring a postpartum doula is like hiring a self care attendant. Their number one goal is making sure you are supported – physically and emotionally.

You know what is best is for you and your family.  You know what you need in this moment.

Your doula there to gently remind you that prioritizing your recovery and health is key during this exciting and exhausting time.

It is only when your needs are met that the rest of your family can flourish.


What does self care look like for you?


Is it taking a well deserved nap with the confidence that things will be taken care of while you catch up on sleep?

Creating a detailed to-do list of all the things that are swirling around your head and creating tension in the base of your neck?

Getting out of the house to stretch your legs, do some exploring, and show off your new bundle of joy?

Soaking in the tub while someone else puts down baby?

Sitting on the couch and chatting about all the thoughts and questions bouncing around your head?


No matter what feels right to you, your postpartum doula is there to be that trusted someone who supports you in feeling cared for.  

That could mean passing your doula the to-do list, letting them put down baby, or sitting on the couch chatting over tea.

Centering your self care during this time is of the utmost importance.

It would be our pleasure to support you through this postpartum journey.    


Written by: Alyssa Seidorf

ProDoula Pre-CD Labor and  Postpartum

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