Elisabeth Kaza – Postpartum Doula

Elisabeth Kaza joined the DC Doulas team in 2019 as a postpartum doula. She is passionate about supporting growing familes!

As the third oldest of twelve children, Elisabeth has always been drawn to babies and birth.
She witnessed her first birth way back in 2008. Her mother loves to tell the story of the look of pure
joy on Elisabeth’s face as her sibling came into the world–compared to the looks of concern on
her older sisters’ faces! So great was her desire to attend more births she completed DONA’s birth doula training when she was only fourteen. She then began to shadow a homebirth midwife and attend births as a sibling doula.

Having witnessed many positive birth experiences, Elisabeth decided to become DONA postpartum
doula trained to round out her skill set for supporting families. She is adept at Spinning Babies techniques, and has attended ACNM’s annual symposium at George Washington University’s medical school. In 2016, she earned her certification in neonatal resuscitation with Karen Strange, and has taken
part in Fauquier Hospital’s summer nursing program twice. Recently, she finished her
nationally-recognized EMT certification, and volunteers as an EMT in Takoma Park, MD.

While still in high school, Elisabeth worked as a teacher at a preschool co-op. She designed her
own lessons and was beloved by her students. During the summers, she created unique summer
camps for art and science, and singing and dancing. With her sisters, she built a babysitting
business, always in demand as an American Red Cross certified, responsible but fun-loving
babysitter. Now, as a pre-med student at Catholic University’s Honors Program, she serves as a
volunteer at the Suicide Prevention research program in her free time.

Elisabeth enjoys playing with her little siblings and her perfect cat, Storm, as well as reading
about anything and everything. She also loves the earth and exploring as many corners of it as
she can.