I is for Infant Feeding Specialist

In May, a few of our doulas had the opportunity to take an Infant Feeding Specialist training offered by ProDoula. During this 2 day course, we learned about topics such as lactogenesis, chestfeeding, paced bottle feeding and more. We expanded our knowledge on introducing solid foods, weaning, and supporting families through food changes in the first year.

The breastfeeding support discussed prepares us for supporting our clients through breastfeeding challenges. Many times, we are supporting our clients outside of regular office hours for lactation consultants or pediatricians. Our client may experience feeding challenges during this time. Our support provides options and care until a lactation consultant can be seen.

We also assist our clients in creating an Infant feeding plan through the first year. This plan discusses the parent’s hope and expectations for feeding their little one. It gives the space to think through the options and ask questions. With this plan, parents can be confident about the steps they want to take in breastfeeding, formula feeding, introducing solids and more.

Our goal with this support is to assist our clients as they meet the feeding milestones of the first year. As we support our clients in their prenatal and postpartum times, our skills as Infant Feeding Specialists will help create a solid foundation to build off of.


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