Meet Hancie!

We are so excited to welcome Hancie Stokes to the DC Doulas team!

Hancie is a ProDoula Pre-CD Labor Doula whose journey into birth work started with her undergraduate thesis. A graduate of American University with degrees in Anthropology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Hancie completed her labor doula training with ProDoula in January 2018 and will be taking a postpartum training in April 2018.

Through her work as a sexuality educator and experience in progressive non-profits, Hancie is a true believer that we each decide how we should present and define ourselves, how we build our families and relationships, and how we empower our own lives. Affirming and supporting your choices comes easily to Hancie and she promises to provide you with the comfort, encouragement, and compassion as you welcome the newest member of your family.

Whether it is supporting you through your first labor experience, welcoming your third child, or assisting your family when you bring baby home, Hancie understands that you know how to care for your family best. She wants to help affirm your choices and uphold your agency when it comes to making decisions about your body, your health, and your birth story. In doing so, she hopes to help families and laboring parents realize their inner strength by holding space and offering the encouragement they need.

Hancie brings an outgoing, understanding, and adaptable personality to her work as a doula. Whatever kind of support you need, be it calming or to be your biggest cheerleader, Hancie will be by your side.

We asked Hancie to share with us a few of her favorite things…

DC Doulas: “What is your favorite thing about living in DC?”

Hancie: I fell in love with DC when I first came down to visit colleges. During my time here, it’s the vibrancy and the versatility of the city that stole my heart. Coming from a small New England town, I was drawn to the access to so many types of experiences and cultures here. As the Capital, there is such an incredible representation celebrating international communities while sampling unique corners of American culture, as well. Whether you love music, art, museums, politics, sports, or nature, DC has something for you. And if you’re like me and miss the New England Autumn leaves, you can drive an hour in any direction and find some fall foliage to fill that gap.

DCD: “What is your favorite TV show?”

Hancie: Oh gosh, how can I just choose one? I love a good mystery or psychological thriller. I grew up watching Monk and Psych, but recently I’ve been really into the X-Files and Midsomer Murders. I honestly would consider Netflix-watching a hobby, so…

DCD: “Where is your favorite place to vacation?”

Hancie: I am in love with Amsterdam. I studied abroad there my Junior year of college and I consider it a second home. It is rare that I don’t find a way to mention Amsterdam in a conversation with someone. Planning a trip to Amsterdam, let me know! I’ll give you the best recommendations (and then maybe stowaway in your suitcase).

DCD: “What is your favorite food?”

Hancie: Do you ever have those foods that you just think about sometimes? For me, it’s this “Farmer’s Sandwich” from a little cafe in Brattleboro Vermont that is just so fresh, with a million veggies on it, and the sharpest Vermont cheddar cheese…so good! I’ve tried to recreate it so many times and I just can’t get that perfect combination. I think about that sandwich a lot.

DCD: “What is your favorite way to spend a day off?”

Hancie: On a day off I love to wake up naturally with the sun and give myself time to get ready. My partner and I love exploring cafes in DC, so we’ll usually pick a new spot to enjoy a good cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich. We tend to follow this with a trip to an exhibit at one of the Smithsonian museums before hunkering down for the night with a good movie and some takeout pizza.

DCD: “What is your favorite part of being a doula?”

Hancie: There are so many reasons to love being a doula! I think my favorite part is connecting with people and watching them realize how strong they are. Our bodies can do amazing things. No matter how someone chooses to give birth, they find a certain strength and beauty inside themselves. Whether it’s in the delivery room or those first couple of months with baby at home, it’s incredible to witness someone discover something new about themselves, their strength, and their perseverance. I feel so proud to be a part of the DC Doulas team and am honored that our clients choose us to share in these moments of their lives.

Hancie is ready to meet and support you as your family grows! Contact DC Doulas today for a complimentary consult.

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