Our Top 10 Favorite Children’s Books

Reading to your child is a great way to create a special bond with them and broaden their horizons. The benefits for both of you start even when your little one is in the womb and continue to grow as you develop a routine to soothe and teach concepts and skills.

Whether you start this fun practice during pregnancy so your baby learns your voice, or are working to instill a rich vocabulary and an active imagination in your toddler, we wish you happy reading. Below are our top ten children’s books to have on the shelf as your little one grows!


  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr.    

 We love this book because its fun, sing-song rhymes help little ones learn their colors and animals! We also love the durability of the board book which can take a lot of handling as you read this one over and over again.







9. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

One of our favorite things about this book are the beautiful illustrations. “Where the Wild Things Are” definitely encourages little ones to use their imagination dream up worlds to rule over right in their bedroom. 







  1. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

We love how this book can help create a fun and sweet routine for bedtime. Hunting for the mouse on every page is a great game! By the time you finish saying goodnight to all the things, you might be ready for bed too. 




  1. Love You Forever by Robert N. Munsch

We love the affirmation this book brings for the bond that exists between parent and child no matter what occurs during the course of the day. “Love You Forever” will be a book that stays on your shelf for a long time!





  1. My Sister is an Alien! by Rachel Bright

We love this book for expecting siblings! “My Sister is an Alien” is a great book to help your older children connect with their new sibling in their own way.








  1. Corduroy by Don Freeman

Corduroy is a classic and tells a story of adventure and discovering new things around you. Little ones learn a very important lesson that no person or toy has to be perfect to be loved.





  1. Tucking In by Jess Stockham

We love how interactive “Tucking In” is! You and your baby will have so much fun lifting flaps and discovering what different foods taste like.






  1. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

Mouse gets quite creative and has quite the adventure is this story. Make sure you have a cookie and glass of milk ready when you cuddle in with this one!






2. Hippos Go Berserk! by Sandra Boynton

Nothing like 45 hippos to create a little fun! As a parent, you will be able to relate to the rapid escalation of activity. Enjoy the party of counting and rhymes with your little one!




  1. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

  Nothing melts our heart like the little nutbrown hare and ALL the questions. The illustrations are a treat for the eyes as well. Maybe you and your little one will figure out new ways of saying “I love you.”





Do you or your little one have a favorite book that is not on our list? Please share it with us!

Happy Reading!


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