Q is for Questions

Growing and raising a baby is hard work and comes with a lot of questions. Some of those questions you will figure out on your own or with the help of a friend or google. You may also write a list of questions to ask your provider at each appointment. Or you call your doula to figure out if what you are feeling is really labor, or mastitis, or “is my baby teething?”.

Sometimes those questions come at a time where it’s hard to get your thoughts together and you have to make a decision quickly. It may be a test result in pregnancy now means a different plan for your birth than what you were hoping. Or during labor, between contractions, your provider says you need to have an intervention to keep labor going safely. There may not be time to find out what the research says. It can be pretty stressful having to make a big decision in such a moment.

That is why we suggest using B.R.A.I.N.E.D. to help you get the information you need. This tool can help you make a decision quickly about the care you and your baby need.

B – Benefits – What are the benefits to this interventions? How will it help me and my baby?
R – Risks – What are the risks for me and my baby?
A – Alternatives -Are there any alternatives that will achieve the same goal?
I – Impact – What impact will this have on me and my baby? What is the expected outcome?
N – Nothing – If I choose nothing right now, what is expected to happen?
E – Excuse me – I’d like to discuss this with my partner and doula.
D – Decide – I have decided to…

Whenever you have an unexpected moment in pregnancy, labor, or parenthood, use this tool to help you discover your options and then move forward with confidence in what you have chosen.

Click BRAINED for a free printable!

Best wishes in all your decision making!

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