Things I Love about Women… And Ways to Support Them

Women are strong!

Have you asked the ladies in your life what’s on their to-do list lately? The answer might surprise you. It’s usually larger than life and never-ending, and they never stop thinking about it or working on it in some way.

Lend a helping hand when you can.



That’s what they are. These women keep going when the going gets tough! Able to adapt to any situation and come out the winner!

A few words of encouragement can really brighten her day.


Mavens of Multitasking.

You know how you can have a few windows open in your browser and flip back and forth between them with ease? Women often have 6524 windows open All. Day. Long. And they accomplish countless tasks at the same time.

Yes, they may have a tough time closing those windows at the end of the day, but they hold their loved ones best interest at heart.

Acknowledge her hard work and productivity.


Persistent and patient.

Do you know how many interruptions women experience in one day? Especially from their little ones? Exhausting! Yet they filter the complex demands of the day and do what it takes to get the job done.

Give her a break any chance you get!



The options, choices, and pressures women are up against are endless. Their intuition is invaluable when it comes to making the best choices for themselves and their families amidst the chaos and stress of life.

Weeding through all this information can be tiresome. Listen when she needs to process.



There is SO much more to women than the way they look. Their beauty lies in their caring and compassionate hearts, often giving of themselves in so many intimate and personal ways.

Be tender with her, she needs it! Tell her why she’s beautiful.



Smart and creative, they find the best solution for whatever they face, and rock it at the same time! No matter their experiences, they figure out a way to achieve their goals.

Remind her after a long day of how she amazes you.


Community builders.

Women create community with the other women in their lives. They bond, lift each other up, and are there for each other no matter what happens. They see each other at their best, and their worst, and understand they’re each doing the best they can!

A mom, sister or friend will encourage you to see the best in yourself and your situation. Or, they listen to you kvetch cause they know you need to let it out!

Hugs, beverages, and laughter make the hard times smooth.


To all the strong and resilient women out there… Happy International Women’s Day!

May the someone’s in your life tell you that You. Are. Wonderful!


And YOU?

Keep being the awesome woman that you are!




4 responses to “Things I Love about Women… And Ways to Support Them”

  1. LadyKate says:

    And our favorite? They always rise to the occasion! Women will sacrifice and lay aside their own needs or wants to meet the greater need of the moment. That’s why they make such great partners, mothers, and friends. And they do it so very well!

  2. Lois Perks says:

    Yes, Lady Kate! ?

  3. BookAddict says:

    Mavens of Multitasking. Absolutely! I’m sure there are men who can do that, but I’m not sure I’ve ever met one. When my husband finally understand that I had 6524 windows open All. Day. Long., it sure helped our relationship. Here’s to all the amazing women I know and love!

  4. Lois Perks says:

    BookAddict, it certainly is a helpful piece of information!

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