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At DC Doulas, we are committed to providing unbiased support, a knowledge of options, and tools to navigate the process of birth and the postpartum period.

Whatever path your journey takes, these things will see you through.

Discover your options

Through our innovative services, DC Doulas provides labor and postpartum services tailored to the specific needs of your family. We’ll work with you to determine which options are the right fit for you from the beginning of labor to transitioning into life with a newborn.

Connect with your team

Just as you are the expert when it comes to your pregnancy and family, our doulas are experts in the areas of labor and postpartum support. Connect with our doulas to create a unique plan. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you check things off your list.

Deliver with confidence

With the support of your team, you can confidently step into the plan you create and follow it through to success. You are strong and have what it takes! We are committed to helping you achieve the best birth and postpartum experience possible for you and your family.

Contact us to discover the many benefits of having us by your side as you navigate this journey.

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DC Doulas Childbirth Classes

Educational needs for childbirth differ from family to family. Some families want a full layout of what happens in labor, how to cope, exercises, etc.

Other families want to learn about comfort measures or need a refresher course.

Please view our classes and contact us to get the education that is right for you.

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