Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you in your quest for a doula. Trying to find the right doula to support you in your journey to parenthood may remind you of trying to find the right dress or car. The process usually involves a lot of questions to see if it’s the right style, comfort, and fit.

At DC Doulas, we tailor our support to the specific needs of your family. We are confident you will find the right fit with us.

What kind of births do you support?

DC Doulas supports YOUR birth. If that involves no pain medication, an epidural, or a planned cesarean, we are committed to being by your side as you choose what is best for your family.

What hospitals do you go to?

The one where you plan to deliver. DC Doulas has supported couples in a variety of hospitals throughout the DC Metro area, and we are confident the care we provide will be welcome at any location.

What does your relationship with the doctors and nurses look like?

We respect the doctors and nurses as your care providers and work collaboratively with them. We value them as an important part of your team!

Will you advocate for me?

We encourage you to ask questions about your care, will talk through options with you, and will support the decisions you make. We do not speak on your behalf or make decisions for you, but can help you process and find the questions and answers needed to navigate this process.

What is your birth philosophy?

Our philosophy is to support you in the birth that is right for you. You are our first priority and we are committed to helping you have the best birth experience possible.

Are you a midwife and do you deliver the baby?

The role of a doula is different than that of a midwife. We do not perform any medical tasks and do not deliver the baby. Doulas are non-medical members of your birth team and provide one-on-one support to you and your partner while you are having your baby.

What comfort measures or birth tools do you use the most?

Comfort measures are going to look different for every client, and we have many ideas and suggestions we can explore to figure out what works best for you. Most of the tools we use can be found at the hospital, but if there is a particular tool you’ve found brings you comfort we encourage you to pack it in your hospital bag.

We would be happy to answer further questions, or support you as your family grows!

Please Contact us  to make us part of your team.

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