Postpartum Support

Feel like you need an extra set of hands for when your little one arrives? Our postpartum support can help!

As postpartum doulas, we provide consistent support as your family is growing and it is tailored to your specific needs.

Our daytime support includes breast and bottle feeding tips, infant care guidance, meal prep, folding laundry or basic housekeeping. We can tend to your little one while you catch up on sleep or make phone calls. If you have errands to run, we can go with you or take care of baby while you get out of the house for a bit. You can leave us a “doula-do” list or let us know each day what you want to accomplish.

The goal of our overnight care is to optimize the amount of sleep you get. Babies can be fussy at night which leads to more awake time for you both. As your doulas, we will change diapers, rock, soothe, hold and care for baby so you get as many zzzz’s as you can! For breastfeeding parents, you can wake and feed the baby as needed, and then go to bed as your doula takes care of the rest. If you are pumping or formula feeding, we are happy to feed baby on the schedule you set, which minimizes the time you are up at night.

Our postpartum support can start the day you get home from the hospital. Daytime hours or nighttime needs, we’ve got you covered.