The Perks of Having a Doula

Perks… those extra benefits that sometimes pop up in your life. Don’t you love them?

My particular favorite is when the wait staff at my favorite restaurant brings me a piece of cake while singing their very own rendition of “Happy Birthday to you.” It’s especially nice when the other diners join in with the singing, clapping and birthday wishes. While I’ve sometimes been embarrassed enough to want to crawl under the table, at least I got a piece of cake and some hurrah’s out of it!

With doula support, you’ll get a whole lot more than a piece of cake…and someone still might say

“Happy Birth Day!”

A doula? What’s that?

A doula is someone that has been trained to provide support during a pregnancy, labor, and/or postpartum period.

During training, labor doulas learn about the physical and emotional process of labor, specific tips that can comfort a laboring person, and the ways to support their clients in an unbiased manner, no matter what path their journey takes. Postpartum doulas are prepared to help with newborn care, breastfeeding, meal preparation, and more.

A doula gets to know your likes and dislikes or things that help you relax, and blends them all together into the support he or she provides. Hot vs. cold? Firm vs. light touch? Classical music vs. heavy action flicks? Coffee vs tea? Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding? The answer to those questions gives your doula the tools to help you have a more pleasant labor or postpartum experience.

Having a doula by your side can help calm your nerves and provide motivation to keep going when labor, or having a newborn, gets tough. Kind of like having your own personal cheer leader.

Doulas do not provide medical services, deliver your baby, or speak on your behalf. But they do help you find the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family. And they will support whatever choice you make.

So what are the perks of a doula?

Having someone committed to providing support, specifically tailored to you and your needs, during one of the most exciting, and tiring, times of your life. Totally focused on you and what you need in order to have the best birth or calmest postpartum period possible.

Much better than a piece of cake, don’t you think?

Authored by: Lois Perks